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"How Do We Make Our Events Better?

A message from Gravel Tour founder Bill Porter:

"How do we make our contests better?"   That simple question has been one I ask myself as I approach a new season of putting on Grassroots Wake Contests.   As we wrapped up the 2019 season and moved to planning for the 2020 season, I reached out to Jeff Husby and Danny Harf at Regal and Nautiques of Orlando to see if we could discuss ways to take two really amazing wake contests and blend them into something truly incredible.  The idea of taking the talents and resources of our groups and blending the contests together made SO much sense all with the end goal in my eyes being....we can offer the watersports community of Central Florida a contest unlike anything they have seen.  And you know what...despite the 2020 covid layoff....ITS HAPPENING!!

Check out the video we created to give you an overview of our new THIGH HIGH SURF + WAKE SERIES!   It will blend the best of the Gravel Tour with the best of the Thigh High Surf Series!  I am super excited about what we are going to bring to everyone, and real belief that our contest just got WAY better.  We'll see you out there and get ready for some incredible times on the water.

                                                          Bill Porter - Founder of The Gravel Tour

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