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Event Dates 2024


Stop 4:  May 19, 2024  @ Lake Ronix                  Event Sponsors:  Mastercraft Boats, Performance Ski and Surf

More Stops to Follow:                         

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Schedule of Events:


Onsite Registration/Check In:   8:00 am - 9:00 am

Mandatory Riders Meeting:        9:00 am - 9:15 am


Wake Divisions:


NOVICE WAKE:            No Inverts 10 Years & Older - No Inverts

GROM WAKE:              Riders under 9 Years Old & Under - No Inverts

GROM PRO:                 Riders under 9 Years Old & Under - No Limits.

INTERMEDIATE WAKE:  Riders who can do 2 or less inverts - All Ages

MASTERS WAKE:           All Levels - Over 35 years Old

ADVANCED WAKE:       All Ages:  5 or Less InvertsA

OPEN WAKE:                All Levels - Anything Goes.

Surf Divisions:


NOVICE SURF:         10 Years & Older:  Choose this division if you can get up on your surfer and ready to compete...with or without the rope. Our Judges are looking for board control and speed control.....also looking for how you attack the wave, carving skills and overall style.

GROM SURF:            Riders 9 & under Designed for the first time competitors and focused on kidding these grom rippers started on the water. As long as you can get up on a wakesurfer...thisistheirdivision. Goalisforthemtobeabletosurfwithouttheropeand stay in the way – demonstration of their board control – speed control.

INTERMEDIATE SURF:  (All Ages): So you can drop the rope, stay in the pocket and starting to add to your trick bag...this may be you. Show us your drop knee, surface 3, best slaysh or even a drop knee. Key here is NO air tricks, or shuvs allowed in this group or you’ll be called a sandbagger. Just sayin


ADVANCED SURF: you’ve got your 3’s down, airs, slayshs and even maybe a shuv...well this is your division.....And yes, you can bring some of those novice and intermediate foundational skills to the party also...but the tech tricks are what takes home the metal.

MASTERS SURF:            (35 and Up). No Rules.....just bring the good stuff

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