Why Attend Gravel Tour?

Many of the world's top wakeboarders representing the USA got their start with us here at Gravel Tour. For some, this was their first ever wakeboarding competition. 


Here at Performance Ski and Surf we believe that spending time out on the water transcends and affects all aspects of your life. When you have fun on the water with your friends and family, that excitement and energy will grow into other parts of your life. 

The Birth of Gravel Tour

"The Gravel Tour was the vision of Watersports Industry Legend Herb O’Brien and Bill Porter owner of Performance Ski and Surf. "When the Orlando Watersports Complex was being built, Herb stressed to me that we needed to put on a grassroots wakeboard events at the park. He felt that we could bring a lot of new riders into the sport and help shape and grow the industry for decades to come through these events! I’m proud to say that 16 years later, his vision for the Gravel Tour is alive and well and continues to impact the sport as we know it."

-Bill Porter, Gravel Tour Founder & CEO Performance Ski and Surf of Orlando

Take a Ride Behind the Nautique G23
Since its inception in 1999, Nautique has been the official towboat of choice for the Gravel Tour. Gravel Tour 2018 is pulled by our custom PERFSKI Edition G-23. This boat offers the finest wakes for riders of any level or ability. There simply isn't a better boat on the market to ride behind, whether in competition or for fun!

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